Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common ailment and can affect all people no matter their age. It impacts everything from careers to relationships and quality of life. Whether your back was hurt playing sports or at work, untreated symptoms can become habitual and can negatively impact your range of motion. Many doctors recommend surgery or prescribe pain relievers to treat ongoing back pain, but modern patients love less invasive options of treatment.

Medical treatments aim to minimize pain, but they do not address the underlying cause of lower back pain. Options for treating lower back pain include using muscle relaxants, narcotic painkillers, steroid injections, and back braces. A lot of treatment options are available for neck and back pain, but shockwave therapy for back pain (also referred to as focused therapy and wave therapy) is making a major impact on lower back pain problems today.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Constant back pain is normally age-related, but it can also occur due to a previous injury. The most common causes include:

  • Muscle strains or sprains: The ligaments and muscles in your back can tear or stretch due to excess activity. Instant movements can cause strains or sprains. Signs include stiffness and pain in the lower back together with muscle spasms.
  • Herniated disc: This refers to a disc that has spilled out of its lining. This occurs mostly in the lower back. The injured disc can be harmless. But even though it is not painful, its content can irritate or press surrounding nerves thereby causing lower back pain.
  • Certain health conditions: Several other medical conditions can cause lower back pain. They are normally accompanied by other symptoms. They include: arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer of the spine, and other infections.

shockwave therapy for back pain

Shockwave Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Shock wave therapy utilizes sound waves to transfer high-pressure waves to accelerate and promote the natural healing of back pain and other conditions. The technique was initially developed to assist urologists break up kidney stones without surgical operation on patients; shockwave therapy has been used to treat back pain since the early 1980s.

Shockwave therapy for back pain uses acoustic waves to transfer energy to the region where you are experiencing pain. The wave penetrates through your skin before going to the tendon, joint, or muscle that requires relief. It is supportive of both continual and acute back pain conditions, making it a great treatment option among doctors and other medical professionals.

Shockwave therapy offers a wide range of advantages for patients who utilize it. This technique speeds up how fast your back’s bones, muscles, joints, and tendons heal since the waves improve blood circulation, stimulate metabolism, and regenerate tissues quickly.

Relieve Your Back Pain with Shockwave Therapy

  • Experience Immediate Relief: Discover how shockwave therapy can alleviate your back pain quickly and effectively.
  • Non-Invasive Treatment: Learn about this innovative, non-surgical approach to back pain management.
  • Regain Mobility: Find out how shockwave therapy can help restore your movement and reduce discomfort.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Understand the long-term benefits of shockwave therapy for chronic back pain.
  • Safe and Proven: Explore the safety and efficacy of shockwave therapy backed by scientific research.
  • Book Your Consultation Today: Take the first step towards a pain-free life with a personalized shockwave therapy plan.

Discover the power of Shockwave therapy and start your journey to pain relief today! Let Wavetech Therapy Knoxville help you with shockwave therapy for back pain. Our back pain management specialists in Knoxville TN are professional, compassionate, and experienced. Schedule a free consultation with us to help create a custom back pain management plan today.

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